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What is the Rapidocc answering service?

The Rapidocc answering application is a cloud solution that connects healthcare providers and patients after normal business hours. Our solution replaces your third-party call center and puts you in control of how you want to handle after hours calls. Our solution is HIPAA compliant and preserves your privacy. Rapidocc’s solution provides you will all the information you need to serve your patients quickly without compromising quality.

Why is our cloud solution better than the traditional answering service?

By removing the third party call center, you save money, time, and improve patient care. Rapidocc is user friendly, can be customized, and is reliable. Healthcare providers can choose how to they want to respond to urgent concerns, while allowing their staff to handle non-urgent concerns. Because Rapidocc is automated, we record, track, and save every call. Your message center is also available on any device, giving you the flexibility to view and respond to concerns in anyway you find fit.

Is rapidocc suitable for my practice?

If your practice receives calls after business hours, our solution is a perfect fit. It is flexible, effective, and customizable. Hence, it can fit a practice of any size.

How do patients react to an automated system versus a live operator?

Patients find it attractive because it grants them direct access to their physician. Though a human voice can be comforting, direct access provides them with more insurance that their concern is being reviewed by their doctor.

How much does it cost? Are there any initial fees or termination penalties?

Rapidocc is $69 for a single physician office, and is an additional $39 for every additional provider. There is no contract or termination fee. If you have an office of 6+ physicians, please contact us at for a package that best serves you.

How does integration work?

Upon registration you will receive a number that will represent your office’s after hours service. Simply insert the number into your keypad and when you patients call your normal office hours, they will be redirected to this number and the Rapidocc solution.

How does the rapidocc application work?

You forward your calls to Rapidocc. When patients call they have the option to leave a non-urgent voice mail or an urgent voice mail. All non-urgent voicemails will be stored to be viewed the following day by your staff. All urgent calls will be forwarded to the provider on call. All messages are recorded and translated into text for your viewing convenience. You can answer these messages with a direct call back, a call recording to avoid lengthy calls, or a text back. All messages are archived.

When are my calls forwarded?

The Rapidocc application is always on, you can forward to your message center at any time you desire.

How do I begin call forwarding?

Simply replace your current after hours call center’s phone number with the number we provide you.

How can I check my messages?

You can check your messages on message center, which can be accessed via a tablet, smartphone, or computer. Calls are segregated into non-urgent and urgent folders.

What happens if the doctor on-call misses a call?

Rapidocc will forward all messages to the secondary physician on call if a physician is unavailable.

How am I notified of urgent calls?

You have the options to receive a home screen notification, a call from us at the Rapidocc hotline, or a text message. You can customize how you receive notifications as well. If you don’t answer immediately, we’ll notify you until you do or forward messages to the secondary provider.

How do I respond to urgent calls?

You can respond in four ways: One, by contacting the patient via the phone number provided. Two, by sending a message directly to the patient. Three, by sending a text. Four, by sending a customized template for recurring issues.

Can the patient leave a non-urgent message?

Yes, the patient has this option. Once recorded, the message will be available in the non-urgent folder for your staff to review and respond to the following business day.

How do you handle the on-call schedule?

We’ve developed an online calendar and scheduling that lets Rapidocc know who to forward all calls to.

How does payment work?

We will bill you automatically on a monthly basis. There is no contract, and cancellation is free.

What happens if I dont have access to my device?

We will forward the call to the secondary provider on call.

What happens if I forget my pin?

Simply press reset pin and we’ll send you an email so you can complete the password reset process.

Is my number private?

Yes, we will provide you with a phone number that represents your message center, but is not associated with your personal phone number. When you call or text back, your patient will see that the number is from a private line and never your personal line.

Is the product HIPAA compliant?

Yes, to ensure patient confidentiality we have taken the necessary precautions to become HIPAA compliant.

What number do patients call?

They continue calling your office number!

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